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A more efficient knee treatment providing wider access


The ANTHEM™ Total Knee System and the ORTHOMATCH™ Universal Instrumentation Platform have been designed to provide a wider market access to affordable knee treatment.

We also offer a prosthesis that is tailored to meet the anatomical needs of patients from Asia, Middle East, Africa and Latin America.

ANTHEM Total Knee System is an example of our commitment to providing innovative products thatexpand on existing clinical and cost boundaries, and deliver maximum value to our customers through factors such as:

  • Safe innovation: the ANTHEM Total Knee System is based upon a trusted design pedigreeincorporating clinically advanced technology, such as the tibio-femoral articulation andpatello-femoral function equivalent to the GENESIS™ II Total Knee System, which exhibitsa 98% survivorship at 15 years.
  • Pioneering approach to customer needs: to facilitate optimal implant fit, the ANTHEM Total Knee System was designed based on the anatomical measurements of hundreds of patients from the Emerging Markets with the goal to reduce the incidence of implantoverhang that can occur with Western designed knee systems.
  • The ANTHEM Total Knee System coupled with the ORTHOMATCH Universal InstrumentationPlatform has been developed in conjunction with leading surgeons from Emerging Marketsand Europe providing benefits by creating efficiency through intelligent design whichtranslates into tangible value for surgeons, patients and healthcare providers.

In 2016, Smith & Nephew completed a limited commercial release of the ANTHEM Total Knee System and ORTHOMATCH Universal Instrumentation Platform and in September a full commercial launch started in the UAE, Africa, India, Latin America, Russia, South Korea, and Thailand.

Other advantages include:

  • Reduction of instrument trays from an industry standard of 6 core trays down to 3 trays, providing a 50% reduction in water and energy consumption during sterilisation;
  • State of the art, low weight, durable polymers reducing tray weight by up to 50% and reducing the occurrence of manual handling injuries;
  • Modular and multi-purpose instruments reduce the number of instruments in the working space,improving efficiency and patient throughput;
  • Utilisation of polymers decreases the manufacturing cost and time, enabling wider access;
  • The ANTHEM Total Knee System platform provides a simplified surgical technique that allows knee surgeons to benefit from the anatomical fit provided by ANTHEM; a simple surgical technique combined with the utilisation of digital training methods help reduce travel costs, lower the associated CO2 emissions and further enable wider access without compromising on outcomes.